Updating a Report Status

The myQAP portal allows users to assign and track the status of a report review.

Select the desired report to assign a review status.

A review status can be applied to reports by users who have access to the report.

Select and update the status from the drop-down menu.

Making a comment or adding an attachment will change the status from “Not started” to “In Progress” and assign you as a reviewer.

About Review Statuses

  • Not started – No review status applied.
  • In Progress – Started but not completed.
  • Done – Review has been completed and awaiting sign off.
  • Overdue – Review is past the due by date as set by the users.
  • Signed Off – Used as the final sign off from a pathologist.
  • Imported – Migrated from the previous system. This applies to reports before 2019 that do not have a flag.

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