Optimising Sectra Images by Calibrating Your Monitor

Neither online calibration software nor the calibration tools that come with your Windows or Mac operating system will help you obtain accurate colour. These programs rely on your eye, and eyes are subjective.

The RCPAQAP recommends calibrating your computer monitor to optimise the quality of the Sectra images used in our morphology surveys.  A simple quality assurance tool for ensuring your display device allows you to see the minimum amount of visual contrast between colours can be found here.

For objectively accurate colour, you need to use a colorimeter. A colorimeter is a small calibration device that fastens to your screen and works with calibration software to optimise display colour for your particular screen and your room’s particular lighting conditions. The device used by RCPAQAP to calibrate monitors can be found here.

Before beginning the process, let your monitor warm up for about 30 minutes. Avoid shining direct light on your monitor, and make sure the ambient light conditions are similar to those when you perform colour adjustments on your work.

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